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Electrical Switchboard upgrades from $600 + gst

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Switchboard Upgrades

There are many switchboards, meter panels, main fuses & mains cabling in Perth that are out dated and not up to current regulations.  The cabling gets hot, fuse connections can break down, insulation fails and this can cause very dangerous problems and is an accident waiting to happen

If your switchboard is old and outdated, this doesn’t necessarily mean your house wiring is as well.  By installing the correct switchboard, we can help maintain the integrity of your internal wiring, provide added protection against loss of power or lightning, and provide protection against fire and electrocution. Send us a photo today for a detailed quote for your specific requirements to bring your switchboard back to the current standards and provide peace of mind that your family and home will be safe.

Old re-wireable fuses

Old re-wireable fuses

Fuses need to be replaced by a circuit breaker switchboard not just because they’re no longer permitted but they are dangerous too!

  • They may be rewired with the wrong size fuse wire potentially over loading the wiring causing fires, melted wiring & lots of nasty things in your roof..
  • If a fuse wire is sticking out of the fuse holder, you have an electrical hazard.
  • When fuses are rewired numerous times they start to get loose in the holder causing a potential hot spot.
  • Old overloaded fuses get hot and the cable insulation melts away at the rear of the fuse and fires can start as a result.
  • The fuse holder starts to get loose causing increase in heat & potential fire damage.
What to look for?

Does your switchboard have the following?

  • A Main Isolating Switch with a rating of at least 63Amps
  • At least two Safety Switches protecting both the power & lighting circuits
  • Dedicated Circuit breakers for ovens, air conditioners.
  • Separate circuit breakers for the power & lighting

If you are not sure then a call out from Edwards Electrical will not only give peace of mind but guide you on the right path to insure your electrical installation is completely safe and up to the current standard of electrical safety.