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LED downlights from $60 + gst (Supplied)

Edwards Electrical downlights
Lumex Classico Downlight range

The Classico downlight range offers a lighting solution for the smallest residential room in the house to the most imposing commercial setting. From the 700 lumen, 8W M3 through to the 3640 Lumen 34W, M10 there is an energy saving Classico alternative for any existing downlight.

All Classico models are dimmable

with trailing edge dimmers, however, we recommend the Lumex LoadSmart dimmer for the best dimming range and performance.

Colour Rendering
Classico downlights have a Colour Rendering Index rating in excess of 80 (CRI>80). The closer the CRI number is to 100, the more accurately the light displays colours as they would appear under bright sunlight. With a CRI>80, Classico offers excellent suitability for all general lighting applications.
Ceiling Safe

These products have been tested as required by the relevant sections of AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS60598 and found to be safe to be covered by insulation and come into contact with combustible material without further protection. While standard halogen downlights continue to cause roof space fires due to a combination of overheating and coming in contact with loose fibre insulation incorrectly installed in roof spaces.

Ripple Frequency Interference

Classico products are immune to ripple frequency interference.

Unrivalled Efficiency

Classico products utilise the latest developments in LED and offer among the highest energy to light conversions currently available, up to 107Lm/W.

Environment and Safety

Classico products are fully recyclable with no glass to break, no dangerous chemicals, and no risk from exposed voltages.

Seven Year Warranty

Buying Classico is buying peace of mind. Lumex is the only manufacturer confident enough to offer a Seven Year Warranty.

Savings potential is huge

Your potential savings based on 20 downlights:

Electricity saving in 1 year. $960
Maintenance saving in 1 year. $240
Total potential saving in 1 year. $1,200
Total potential saving in 10 years at current electricity rate. $11,960
Total potential saving in 10 years if electricity costs increase 10% each year. $17,640

Actual savings may vary depending on your lighting configuration.

Cost savings based on the following:

  • Electricity at 0.28c KwH
  • Comparisons – 8W downlight to 50W halogen dichroic downlight with iron core transformer.
  • Lamp life of 3000 hours as for typical dichroic lamp.
  • Usage 9 hours per day 7 days per week.
  • Dichroic lamp cost of $5 including GST
  • Nominal change over lamp cost of $7 including GST

Have a look at the classico M3 LED downlight spec sheet attached and give us a call today to ask about changing your downlights to the best in the business.

Classico M3 LED downlight spec sheet