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Evap aircon service from $100 + gst

Edwards Electrical Evap repairs
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Complete Evap service $150 inc with report

An evap air-conditioner is similar to a car in that it needs regular servicing to insure that all the internal components that make up the system are operating correctly. This is in the hope that any minor faults are picked up earlier and either repaired or replaced before they become major costly faults in the future.

This type of air conditioner works by a roof mounted fan enclosed in a housing surrounded by sponge like filter pads. A pump filter system dampens the pads and allows the outside air to be pulled through the cool pads and pushed through a ducting system throughout the house.

There are many factors which could cause problems with your air conditioner but if you maintain a good service record they can be picked up early and a small fix now could save you a big costly bill in the future.

The major faults which occur with these systems and mean you are not getting the full efficiency of the system are:

  • Control card fails– unit does not respond correctly
  • Motor brakes– air no longer pushed through ducts
  • water pump brakes– pads no longer get damp
  • Pads damage– water is not held or hot air enters unit
  • Solenoid fails– water does not enter the unit to pump
  • Float fails– not enough water enters the unit
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​We service all major brands Breezair, Braemar, Bonaire, Coolbreeze and Brivis to name a few.

Watch the video below for how an evap air-conditioner fully operates to keep you cool these summer nights and give us a call for a full service report of yours.