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Data points from $150 + gst

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Local Area Network

With the available speeds of the national broadband network today and most of us embracing what technology that now opens up to us, we are finding ourselves pushing the limits of communications in both the domestic and commercial industry. It could be as simple as an extra phone point in the home office to run a second phone or adding another data point to your existing network to allow the whole family to gain the many benefits of the NBN speed for kids homework, office work or just to stream the latest movie on family night.

Wide Area Network

Maybe you are setting up a complete office network to better link your staff both internally and externally through the corporate world. It could be sharing the internet through a local distributor network or making international voip calls around the world. With the technology today and the processing speeds to make it all happen in realtime, we know the world is a enormous place but we are all just a Skype call away.

How the internet works

Do you know how the internet works and what actually makes it possible to make that instance void call half way across the world in seconds not hours? Watch this informative video below to find out more and imagine where this available resource could take you……..